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From: Jared Junior
Subject: Family of Surprises ~ 1st Install ~Bisexual *****WARNING*****
The people and places in the following story chapters are fictional and any
similarities to persons living or dead is unintended. If it is illegal for
you to read or have materials of a pornographic nature in your area please
stop reading and leave now. If you are offended by pornographic material or
reading material which contains sexual acts between family members of
same/opposite sex please leave now. You have been warned!
Family of Surprises Part 1: Surprised by Son I was very happy to be coming home from my business trip early. I had
been really missing my wife the last couple of days and my cock was becoming
sore from all of the hand action. One night in particular I had beat off to
a porno movie until I fell asleep and awoke to my entire upper body being
covered in dried cum.
As the taxi pulled up to the curb I noticed that my car was in the
drive way. This surprised me because of the fact that since my oldest son
had turned 16 a few months ago he had been driving my car to school while I
was on business trips. I kind of figured he must just be at home sick or
maybe the car lolita nn face mpeg had broken down.
I entered the house through the kitchen door and was fairly certain I
was not alone in the house as I could hear country music coming from the
stereo in the living room. My oldest son is a huge country music fan so I
was pretty sure who else was in the house. I rounded the divider hall into
the dining room which provides direct view to the living room and my heart
missed a beat.
My mind on automatic, I swung back into the kitchen so hard that I
almost fell down. What I had seen took my breath away and I was not sure how
I should respond. All that my mind could really focus on was that my son was
in the living room naked with a naked girl sitting on his lap. I had not
gotten that good of a look but I am no idiot. It was very apparent that my
son was in the living room having sex!
"Oh, Josh! Mmmmm.... God yes. Fuck that big cock into me! Oh yes. You
are gonna make me cum again. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK." Well, there went
any hope that Josh was not in there fucking...
Josh's voice was very low and animalistic when he moaned back. Very
husky and I found, surprisingly, very sexy." Fuck, Lisa, that pussy feels so
good wrapped around my cock. Mmmm.. Mmmmm.... I am not sure how much more of
this I can take. You are so tight on my dick I feel like I could cum any
As I heard Lisa plead with Josh for just one more orgasm, my total
shock multiplied by ten. Not only was I surprised to find my son fucking
this woman, and seemingly doing a very good job of it, but even more
surprised to realize that she was the married, grown, next door neighbor.
I was not really sure what I should do. I remembered all of the times I
had watched Lisa as she paraded around her yard in some skimpy bathing suit
or some other very unsuitable clothing. I remembered seeing her bottoms
wedge themselves in between the fat and fabulous lips of her cunt. I
remembered watching her tits bounce around as she ran through her yard. And
I, of course, realized that my cock was glory hole lolita dita hard as stone.
There was no way that I could work it out in my mind to stop my son
from what he was doing. I had fantasized fucking Lisa so many times that I
could certainly not blame him for lolita top play models having the same thoughts. The fact that my
teenage son was in my house fucking a grown woman bothered me a lot but it
would be way to much punishment to stop him when he was so clearly ready for
a very intense orgasm.
I did exactly what my mind, hand and cock told me to do. I flipped to
the opposite wall in the doorway, just far enough back not to be seen, and
slowly inched my head up ( face against the wall ) until I could once again
see the scene from my living room. Because of the way the house is set up,
there are a lot of divider wall and the couch face towards my kitchen
doorway with a clear view.
The scene had changed. naked young french lolitas I was stunned to witness what was going lolita nn face mpeg on. I
had sexual experiences with males when I was younger. Same stuff as
everyone, I imagine. I had not given it any thought in the years since but
have never been too manly not to say I though an attractive guy was
attractive. The one thing I had certainly never considered was that I would
every see my eldest son, or any of naked young french lolitas my children for that matter, in a
position to be a sexual turn-on for me. Because of the new position they
were in, it is exactly the situation I found myself in.
Before, and I only got a glimpse mind you, my son had been sitting
regular like on the couch and she had her feet up on his thighs and was
riding him up and down backwards. I had seen her tits bouncin for all of the
two stokes I had seen but had never seen her face because she had her head
thrown back.
Now the only thing I could really see of her was her bottom from pussy
lips to asshole. She was lying on her back with her head pushed against the
back coushin of the couch and her back on the seat part. She was almost bent
over in half with her legs seeming to be pressed together blocked by the
full back, and all of the important frontal, view of my son.
Her brown pubes where very fine and seemed to be centered in a pyramid
fashion just above her pussy lips that stopped about a quarter of an inch
before. Her lips were very fat, very smooth, very white and very wet from
the action her cunt was getting. Standing above her, coming down into her
upturned pussy from an above type fashion, with his back turned to me was my
eldest boy, fruit of my loins.
I had seen my son shirtless contless of times. I had often complimented
him on his physique and he would just laugh and say that it was nothing he
ever did to make it so. It is true too though. He never does any working out
and just has one of those bodies, like people we all know, that just seems
to look perfect. Now I could see the muscles in his back working tighter and
looser as he moved up and down in almost a squating type fashion. He was
covered in sweat over his tan and it was very erotic to me. My cock throbbed
in my trousers and I reached down to my zipper and slid it down and then
just kept my hand on the outside groping my hard on. It was if I wanted to
put my hand inside but could not stop squeazing my prick at the same time.
My gaze could not help but to flow down the beautiful flexing shape of
the being I had created. His ass was very firm and very rounded. I had
noticed the way he filled at a pair of jeans from time to time as any parent
is apt to do in appreciation of the beauty of their child. Now the naked
site of his full and bubbled ass, only moving with the flex and no bounce to
them, moving smoothly in an up and down fucking motion made my cock twitch
so badly I thought I would cum right then.
His balls were big, I mean bigger than mine even though his were pulled
up tight to his body getting ready for the end story. My eyes were drawn
like magic to the site of his cock. I am sure that it looked bigger because
of the glisten it had from being wet with body fluids but I am telling you I
was shocked by what I saw.
I am a rather short man of only about 5'8. I do not have the smallest
dick in the world but I am pretty small in comparison to what I saw. I am
about 5 and a half inches of pretty damned thick cock. Because of the
thickness it looks a lot bigger mostly than what it really is. The upshot is
that when naked at the gym, or even when I was in gym at highschool, the
tickness pulls it down over my low hanging balls and it looks a lot bigger
than it is then too. Guys always look impressed. If they only knew, I guess.
I could actually see more of my son's cock on the out stroke than all that I
had. I could not see his entire cock because even on the end of the out
stroke I did not see the line from being cut that would indicate the end and
head would be coming soon. And it was a very thick cock indeed. I would say
it was 6 and a half inches around. The cum tube stood out very nicely.
My son takes more after his mother's side of the family. I think they
are Danish or some crap and I have heard that they all have "Danish" looks
about them. I do not really know what it means but in his case they say that
too. He shot up in height when he was around 11 or so. He finally got up to
about 6'1 and it looked funny on his skinny frame for a few years. About
halfway through his 14th year at tgp loli young pics a pool we were at I noticed he had these
blonde under arm hairs. They were very curly and kinky and hardly visible.
Over the last year and half, his eating habits have changed and he eats in
these huge portions. He has probably put on a good 65 pounds of somehow
solid muscle in that year and a half. At his current 190 the 16 year old
sure looks a lot more man than boy like that scrawny 13 year old. He is a
football player and it was always attractive to see him in his sports jacket
with his casual baggy jeans on. What you are treated to is the sight of this
very imposing figure of a man and the charming face of a teenaged boy
cropped with well kept fine blonde hair. As I said, I have never been afraid
to say I saw a man attractice, my son included, but turning me on? Wow.
On his next up stroke, with about 6 and half inches of thick wet cock
outside of her cunt, he pulled out another two inches. He pulled her up from
the couch and sat down spreading his legs wide. Lisa got down on the floor
knealing outside of his right leg. While there had been conversation while
he was fucking her in the previous fashion, I was really more attracted to
the sight of his cock. Even though my mind was totally focused there again
by his now sitting full frontal view of his cock I heard Lisa say" Yes. I
been wanting that cock since the first time you came over and mowed my
grass. I never dreamed your boy cock could be large enough for a man cock
but I wanted it anyway. I can't tell you how good it felt to have that boy
cock stretch my pussy apart and bring me to so many orgasms. Tell me, Josh,
is this what you dream about when you lay in bed and jack off at night? Do
you imagine eatting my pussy till I scream? Do you dream about me riding
your dick till two other squeazing climaxes drive you till you cum all over
yourself? Instead of sucking you let me make your wet dream happen."
The intire time she said this, as I said, my eyes had still been drawn
to my son's cock from the very first. While she had been talking she had
been stroking his cock. Her fist seemed small around it. It was a very
impressive 8+ inch long cock 6+ around that made me glad his cock came from
his mother's side.
Lisa picked up his discarded t-shirt from the floor and draped it over
his very nice six pack. Her hand moved smoothly up and down over his soaking
wet cock until his back arched up in what looked like terrible pain. The
t-shirt was rendered useless as the first powerful shot of very thick boy
cum landed right on his lip. It was a very thick string just sticking to the
side of his face. His next six shots came out a lot lower but just as
powerful and thick untill there was a nice pool of cum in the middle of hie
t-shirt. He finally relaxed his back and he had such a peaceful look on his
face. He had that look of " Hey I just got my shit fucked to death".
The next thing he did was to open his eyes a bit more and look over to
see Lisa with her head on his thigh with her face towards his cock. Seeing
that she could not see him, he let his tongue out of his mouth and licked
the cum from the side of his lips. The string strenched up off of his face
and landed lightly on his tongue and I was treated to the site of my son
with his tongue all coverd in cum. He pulled his tongue into his mouth and
visibly swalloed it and my cock shot out a huge pre-cum dump. I was gonna
loose it right there.
Knowing that I had to do something, I zipped up my pants and went
across to the kitchen door. I opened it up and closed it real hard and
yelled, "Hey, the car is here. Anyone home?" and walked towards the glory hole lolita dita living
room. When I came to the entry way the room was empty. I had hoped that
would happen so this problem could take care of itself and just go away. But
there right before my eyes was the t-shirt.
I could not help myself as I pulled the t-shirt up to my mouth and
licked up a huge glob of my son's cum into my mouth. I rolled it around for
a second in my mouth and was rewarded to an amazing taste. The cum was still
warm. It was very thick and had a real globby like feel to it. To my
complete surprise it tasted very sweet. Strange to think it would be sweet.
And then my cock released a huge load right into my pants.
I had known I was going to cum but I never imagined an orgasm could be
so intense. Without even having my hand on my cock, with what looked like a
fucking quart of my son's seed in my hands, my cock contracted painfully
hard several times and I shot out huge loads that hurt when they came out
and were so hot they seemed to scorch glory hole lolita dita my flesh.
Then I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. I quickly
balled the shirt up and tossed it to the side. I loli preteen image board sat down on the couch,
crossed my legs over, turmed on the television and waited.
"Hey, Dad, is underage lolita real cp that you?" magic lolitas hentai fzh This time the voice I heard was the higher
more jovial of the voices I had heard today. This was suddenly my son again.
Thinking fast, wanting to give him a complete way out, instead of
telling him my meatings had ended earlier than expected I said, " I was sick
and had to come back from the trip early. It is good to see you son but why
are you not in school today?"
"I guess it must be something going around. I was sick myself this
morning and that is why I did not get down here when you called at first. I
was in the bathroom and thought I was gonna be sick. You might have heard me
I thought to myself 'damn, this kid is good' and said," I really am
feeling bad. I am going to go upstairs and little lolita nude photos lay down with my door closed. If
you need anything just knock." I went over underage lolita real cp to my son and gave him a hello
hug from being gone.
It was at that time that I noticed we had been standing there talking
in a room that totally reeked of cum. I let go lightly and marched my ass up
to my room. I am a creator. As a creator I can not be hampered by such things as
spelling and editing or what the hell ever is done to stories. Part 2 will
be coming soon and I hope you will read it. If this offends you~well you
should have stopped at the top like I said. Read instructions better next
time and you won't get offended anymore. Hope it was easy to read.-Creed, J.-
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